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  • I know it is too late to save Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhney or Billy Miller, but it is my firm belief that Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica McDaniel need to be violated immediately for all of the infractions that both have committed and left CBS and Sonly vulnerable to lawsuits and stiff government fines for their actions. Below is research that I did for the last month+ on the whole sorted situation at Y&R. Please review my comments and let me know if you think that it would help if I turned these corporations into the Federal Government, specifically the EEOC. Your direction would be greatly appreciated and am passionate for this cause because Y&R has been in the process of ruin for many months now and may eventually be cancelled as reportedly four other soap operas under Jill Farren Phelps.

    Dear Rachel, thank you for addressing us fans who have decided to stop watching Y&R. We have a right to choose which shows we want to watch and to choose who we want to support. It is still a free country where we have freedom of speech and the right to not be censored. I do not feel bullied; as a former fan of Y&R I feel discounted and unheard. I also feel that Michael’s termination was done illegally and unethically and I choose not to reward the illegal and unethical behavior of CBS. It’s going to be hard for me to watch other CBS shows that I have liked.
    After having major back surgery a few months ago and having limited activities, I spent the last month and a half researching Y&R, CBS management, Sony management, Michael Muhney and the other actors on Y&R. CBS’s firing of Michael Muhney is multi-faceted and has little to do with Michael Muhney although he was targeted and fired unfortunately and his name and reputation defamed which may make it difficult for him to find another actor’s job in the soap genre. I hope not because he is an exceptionally talented many dimensional actor; actually the best I have watched in the last 30 years that I have watched soaps or read about them.
    To quote you Rachel “this goes much, much, much deeper than Michael’s termination. It goes back months, for some even years”. What are you referring to? Hunter Tylo on B&B (now she’s returning…interesting), Dan Rather fiasco in 2005 and he sued in 2007. Jill Farren Phelps who reportedly has a terrible reputation for destroying soaps? I believe it was reported that four soaps were cancelled under her watch. Her inappropriate behavior with actors? The negative nicknames written to describe her? Bad management on the part of CBS? The old guard not wanting a new guard to be more popular or more talented? I would appreciate it if you would you explain your reference.

    About eighteen months ago CBS hired Jill Farren Phelps as Executive Producer. I do not understand why CBS chose to hire Ms. Phelps and researching her past, I found that Phelps has a poor reputation that is widely known in the soap world. The soap entertainment business refer to her as the “soap killer”, having 4 soaps cancelled under her watch. It is widely known in the business that she also brings her own “friends” or cronies from other soaps with her. I expect many more heads to roll before this is over. This week alone, three soap actors left: Michael Muhney, Billy Miller and the young actor who played Jack’s son.. Ms. Phelps brought Steve Burton over from General Hospital. However, when Burton announced that he was leaving Burton informed GH management and his co-worker actors that he was retiring. It is reported that all at GH are angry because they were deceived and had no idea that Burton was leaving GH to go to Y&R to work for Ms. Phelps. Rumors in the entertainment industry refer to Ms. Phelps and Mr. Burton as “the witch and the orange dildo”. Wow! No wonder Steve Burton has been moved to Tennessee and it was recently announced that Burton and his wife are expecting their third child. His wife likely knows but he makes enough money and has prestige that keeps her with Burton. It has been announced that Chris McKenna will be joining Y&R this week or soon and through some trickery he is slated to replace Michael Muhney as Adam. McKenna resembles Michael Muhney; however, Michael Muhney is more handsome. McKenna has not worked in the soap genre for 20 years but he is a “friend” of Ms. Phelps. Are you beginning to see a pattern? So those actors remaining on the cast at Y&R would be better served to worry about their roles in Y&R rather than attacking Michael Muhney and his fans. I have no idea who Ms. Phelps will fire next or who she will bring on but it will continue to happen and it will likely be difficult to recognize Y&R as the soap we were all loving until the firing of Michael Muhney and the last days Michael Muhney and Billy Miller acted in their roles as Adam and Billy, respectively. Even Hunter King was wronged in this situation by being outed to the public. This is confidential personnel information that should never be leaked to the public and both actors can sue CBS for breach of confidentiality.

    The plan to fire Michael Muhney began when the story line of the death of Delia Abbott. By having Adam be the hit and run driver, the powers that be planned on this turning Michael’s fans against him. It’s written in black and white in the soap rags so I am not imagining this. Instead Michael’s acting as Adam endeared fans to him even more by empathizing with him because Adam really had no idea that he hit Delia, he thought he had hit Dash the dog, until it was revealed that Delia was hit and ultimately died. It was an accident and yes, Michael should have gone to the police immediately but considering how his life has been since he came to Genoa City he was afraid of turning himself in and not be able to spend his life with his wife and child. He finally had the family he had always wanted and he did not want to give it up and I think we can all understand that. Michael went to Delia’s grave, left flowers at the site (the calla lilies) and set up a 7 figure foundation to honor Delia as a way of assuaging his guilt and pain, and wrote to Billy anonymously on a grief chat site in an effort to help and support Billy for his loss of Delia.

    Michael Muhney’s performance during his final week was phenomenal. Billy Miller’’s was good but was irrational. It is a crime to kidnap someone at gunpoint and force them against their will. How will the writers handle that? Will it be ignored, just like every mean and rotten thing done by Victor is ignored? Adam was leaving the penthouse to go to the police station to turn himself in, partly because of his father Victor’s threat and the realization that it was the right thing to do. Adam repeatedly asked Billy to let him drive to the police station; however, Billy was irrational, impulsive , out of control, full or rage (because there was some part of him that felt responsible for Delia’s death by leaving her in the dark in the car with the dog Dash which was irresponsible and the guilt he has for cheating on Victoria by having sex with Kelly) and was going to kill Adam; Billy did share responsibility; you don’t leave a young child alone in a dark auto, not in the world that we live in now. Billy acted like you described his character role in All My Children. Adam preferred prison vs. death as his infant son and wife Chelsea are very important him. In his character role as Adam, Michael’s fans do not know how this all will end when Adam fights with Billy to get the gun away from him and they wreck on a snow covered road. It was a cliffhanger and not a cliffhanger because fans know that this is the last time they will see Michael Muhney as Adam (1/30/14) and Billy Miller leaving also on 1/30/14 as he has been replaced by David Tom who first appearance is on February 3rd. The loss of these two actors, Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, who are considered by many fans as the two main characters and great performing actors who will leave a huge hole in Y&R, one that will be difficult, if not possible to satisfy the fans that are staying with Y&R. Some people don’t care what caliber of show that they watch. Rachel, you describe Billy Miller as a three dimensional actor and David Tom as a one dimensional actor so the remaining fans will see and feel the difference. I feel that there will never be anyone capable of giving the performance that Michael Muhney gave in the last almost 5 years as Victor Adam Jr (formerly known as Adam Wilson). CBS is shooting themselves in the foot by letting both of these characters leave the show.

    It is my belief (and I am entitled to my beliefs) when CBS realized that the Delia story line did not work then CBS management released confidential personnel information to the public that Michael Muhney allegedly groped Hunter King on two occasions. This is against EEOC rules and regulations and a violation of both King’s and Muhney’s civil rights. For the life of me, I cannot understand how they wanted something liked that released to the public in black and white. I have asked that question of management but get no response. CBS management does not care, listen or respond to fans; they do not care about fans. We are dirt under their wealthy feet. To make matters worse, in black and white, it was written that Jill Farren Phelps did not investigate Hunter King’s reports and waited until time to negotiate the next contract with Michael Muhney. This is another thing that I do not understand because I read that Michael Muhney’s last two year contract was negotiated in April 2012 so we have not hit the two year mark yet. This is absolutely illegal; a manager needs to investigate reports such as this immediately and have the proper documentation (document, document, and document). I have held several high level management jobs, so I know in fact that this violates EEOC rules and regulations and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A law written to protect vulnerable people. In this case, both Hunter King and Michael Muhney are victims. Worse than that, Hunter King is used as a pawn. Neither have responded to the allegations which is very mature of them and the right thing to do…and they both have likely been advised by any legal representation that they may have retained to keep quiet. Keeping quiet works best in their favor, while CBS continues to allow inside personnel information that the public has no right or a need to know for any reason. If CBS cannot handle their acting staff and come crying to the public, well shame on them; seems to me that they need new management who are able to coach and mentor the actors and defuse volatile situations. The scenes that the writers write create raw emotion and anger and I cannot help but think that actors do not walk off the set feeling like they’re ready to do much. Actors need adequate down time and support behind the scenes to help them deal with their emotions. Are there counselors behind the scenes to support the actors? I do not know. What all actors do is hard work and they need proper support and confidence in them.

    Since Jill Farren Phelps reportedly did no investigation, fans will never know the truth; however, the fans of Michael Muhney feel the truth and remain as his loyal fans and feel sick about how CBS has handled this entire personnel situation.. Reportedly, Jill Farren Phelps kept these reports from her own boss Leslie Moonves, CEO and President of CBS Corporation, leaving him wide open to vulnerability of lawsuits. The buck stops at the top with the CEO so he or she better know what their underlings are up to. No heads have rolled at CBS and I wonder why. In my estimation, at a minimum two heads need to roll/be fired: Angelica McDaniel and Jill Farren Phelps and I have repeatedly put this in writing to Y&R, CBS and Sony management. Also, it was reportedly released that Angelica McDaniel, another high level executive at CBS, leaked the confidential personnel information to her husband who works at TMZ and TMZ published the story. Publishers of their caliber die to publish trash like this because it makes a lot of money for them. It seems that people like to see another person defamed or exploited. OMG! There is a more plausible, believable report that states that Michael Muhney and Hunter King had a disagreement but that there was no touching or groping. This report sounds more reasonable as it goes on to say that CBS investigated and found that it was a non-issue. This makes more sense because CBS/Sony management do not appear to be worried about the Federal Government and why they would continue to publish that they did not investigate at the time is beyond me. I even suggested to management that a Muhney fan report CBS to the federal government for their EEOC infractions. No response. They either believe no one would do it and there is nothing there to be found. I think that is rubbish; there was nothing there. However, there are many more negative stories than positive and the negative stories are more titillating. CBS executives and managers know the EEOC rules and regs as well as I do so this appears to me to be an effort to ruin both Michael Muhney’s and Hunter King’s reputations, Michael’s more sadly. These reports are also negative for Hunter King; however, she may not realize it. But it’s true, how many males will want to work with her in the future if it is true or false. They will take a wide berth to avoid her and it may hurt her future career prospects. And why is it different if it involves Michael Muhney vs. Jeanne Cooper who liked to grab men’s tushes often I read. It was laughed off by CBS and nothing done about it. This is a double standard and discrimination against males. So males, are you surprised that a woman is saying this? Don’t be. I have respect for both sexes unless I am harmed in some way. There is one person that I do not respect and that is Eric Braeden because it’s my hunch that he counseled Hunter King and wanted Michael Muhney gone because he felt threatened by him. But do notice one thing: Michael Muhney has not said one bad word about ANYONE! I would be mad as hell but I would also know that it would not be in my best interest to send out sour grapes. You know that saying “You’ll never work in this town or Hollywood again”? Well this trash happens in the political arena all of the time (and society); the worse you can describe or tell a story about someone, the more likely YOU will win.. Sick! Especially when candidates are vying for a position (local, state, or federal), it gets really nasty. What is wrong with us? Why do we like to see another person ruined or hurt or unable to earn a living? What satisfaction does this give us? Phil McGraw said on his show today something to the effect that they are a lot of sick people out there. I certainly do know that as I am an individual and family counselor. At my level, I see family members treat each other miserably, do not properly care for themselves or their children, do not make any or much effort to see that their children are fed, not see to it that their children are protected or allowed to have the education that they need, even at the lower levels, like grade school, middle school, or high school, chastise each other, get addicted to drugs, alcohol and other types of addicting sources, threaten each other, lie about each other, harm each other, and even kill each other. Again, I say what is wrong with us as a society? What has made people stoop to this level? Mental illness? Jealousy? Feeling inadequate about themselves? What??

    Okay, then that was not enough, next fans are informed that Michael Muhney hounded the writers and that CBS had to even move a writer for the writer’s protection. Well, don’t you just feel sorry for them. Wow! We do not know what the picture in the rags represents. Michael Muhney could have been summoned to the office behind the window. How do we know? Could’’t we all come to the conclusion that everything can be misrepresented and taken out of context. Also, there is possibly another slant on the picture. Could one think that Michael Muhney had gotten wind or rumors that he was going to lose his job? He spoke to that in his first message to his fans. Muhney said something to the effect that it could be possible and that he had too much hubris or arrogance? Well now, was he the only one in that cast who was arrogant? Absolutely not! Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) has so much arrogance that his character grates on my nerves. Likely most of them are arrogant because they are fighting and clawing to be the best or be fired. The actors like to be on camera; they love seeing themselves on camera and love the feeling of importance that gives. Thankfully, not all of us want to be behind cameras and not all of us are arrogant. Except for two cast members on Y&R (Melissa Claire Egan and Sharon Case) no one else supported Michael Muhney. Sharon created a beautiful video in his honor. Thank you Sharon Case. The other thing that I mentioned is that I read a report that Melissa Claire Egan, Sharon Case, and Muhney’s love interest in The Portal totally supported Michael’s behavior as being professional and gentlemanly, and no untoward actions. They would know as they had very intimate scenes with him. Right, people? I do not recall that Michael Muhney had any or many scenes with Hunter King so it does not follow for me. I can think of one situation where Adam (Michael Muhney) may have interacted with King was when Summer was involved in an accident with Chelsea which caused Chelsea to lose her and Adam’s first infant. I do not remember if he was in the car or not but I do know that both Chelsea and Adam were devastated. This happened in their first marriage. I think that the job of an actor is worse than that of being a policeman. Think of how a husband or wife feels when they watch their loved one in intimate steamy love scenes, even beneath the sheets with little clothes on with another person other than themselves. Logically, it follows that most Hollywood marriages fail. Kudos to Jaime Muhney for trusting her man and supporting him through this mess.

    This brings me to another thought. How would any of us like to be fired on the week before Christmas? Would we jump for joy? Michael Muhney indicated that he was speechless and couldn’t speak for I think five minutes. I’ve seen Michael Muhney in interviews and he loves to talk with others and share information. His excitement and interest in things just exudes from him. I watched a video of him when he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. I would imagine that the entire Muhney family, including in-laws, did not have a happy Christmas. If you were a father or a mother with children who was fired the week before Christmas would you be worried about everyone’s well-being and how you were going to continue putting food on the table? Certainly. Come on people, where is your empathy or consideration for this lovely family? Maybe it should happen to one of you sometime. I know how it feels to be fired. I was fired in 2013 after working for the last 40+ plus years and given no reason. I strongly believe that it was because of my age and the effect on their health insurance. We are not incapable just because we get older; we’re actually more valuable as we have likely learned a lot of life lessons on the way. The company that fired me also tried to prevent me from getting unemployment. There was an oral hearing with all parties involved with an employee of the Employment Division who interviewed all of us and did not accept any of the reasons thrown out, that came as a surprise to me, and considered them invalid and not reason to deny me unemployment. I asked the hearing unemployment representative to ask the question about age and the person who hired did not say one word. Does that tell you something? It does me and I believe it also did not go unnoticed by the unemployment representative. I chose not to sue even though there were grounds. This was the first time I had ever been fired in my entire life and I was devastated and went into depression. I do have some idea how Michael and his family feel.

    Fans have asked CBS to rehire Michael Muhney, give him a break and rehire him, not recast the role of Adam. All of our requests have gone on deaf ears and I understand that they have already hired Adam’s replacement and are planning to keep him under wraps and show up on set with another name and then be revealed at a later date as Adam. Sound reasonable? Not to me. I did watch today because I needed to know what happened in that car crash. I wanted to know what happened to Adam. I came away not knowing for sure. Both Billy and Adam were wearing blue shirts; Billy’s brighter and Adam’s darker like a blue/gray so I cannot decide who was in the explosion and fire of the car. I do know, however, that no one could have lived from that, even Paul said so. Paul and Nicholas did not have fire extinguishers and I have watched and heard about real accidents and the people in the car don’t survive, they burn to death. Someone wandered away from the accident, was it Billy or was it Adam? Since fans have asked that Adam’s role not be recast, it is more plausible that Adam burned alive in his car. I’m sure the CBS writers will give it a good spin and all of you soap fans will fall for the foolishness. Let me repeat, no one could have survived the explosion and fire that I saw on 1/31/14. Absolutely, no one. And if you believe that it was Adam in the exploding and burning car who magically appears on set in the next few months, well then, all I will say is that is a symptom of naivety and having the ability to be totally misled and willing to believe anything.

    To move onto a more positive note. I read somewhere that Michael Muhney was a Mensa. I had absolutely no idea of what that meant so I looked it up. Mensa is an organization of highly intelligent people, people with extremely high IQ’s. Now do you think that Adam would be that stupid enough to grope a teenager (I think Hunter is 20 now)? Absolutely not. He talks about his love of acting; he absolutely loves the craft of acting. I do not think that I have written about this, but, if I have, I apologize. I have seen pictures of Michael’s high school yearbooks and, specifically, one has a comment, likely his drama coach, congratulating Michael on his natural acting ability at that young age. Was there jealousy on the set? Absolutely? Were there others as smart as Michael Muhney, likely not. Were there other males that could act as well as Michael Muhney in his role as Adam? Absolutely not!!! I can understand that there would be problems on the set. Someone with Michael’s intelligence would be easily annoyed and frustrated by another actor’s incompetence. Michael admitted that he was a perfectionist and he constantly wanted Y&R to be better. Michael showed up early on set and left late on set. Reportedly, Michael was greatly annoyed with Eric Braeden because he is incapable of memorizing his lines (even with special help from the staff) and throws people off when acting. Would that bother Michael Muhney or ruffle his feathers? Absolutely. Reportedly, Eric Braeden hated Michael Muhney and Michael Muhney hated Eric Braeden. In their roles as Victor and Adam they were written to hate each other and sometimes art imitates life, probably most times to be believable. Would do you think of a father who wants nothing more than to destroy his son? What would you think or feel if you saw this in real life? Would it not make you a little uneasy? It certainly would me. Eric’s presentation as Victor has always been arrogant, he is always better than everyone else in Genoa City, everything has to go his way, he has to have total control of everyone, including his wife Nikki and children, and manipulates everyone to get what he wants or he destroys them. He blackmails people, even his own children. Chelsea was brought on Y&R to destroy Billy and Victoria’s marriage. I will not go into everything that was done to destroy his own daughter’s marriage. Obviously, you can tell that I do not like the character of Victor Newman or the real man, Eric Braeden. Eric Braeden also had a role in The Titanic. In that role, he was an aristocrat; he certainly was not a passenger in the lower decks. I have a real problem with people who think that they are better than others. We are all equal with our own special specific characters. No two people are alike but we are still equal and unique.

    I loved the chemistry between Adam and Chelsea (Michael Muhney and Melissa Claire Egan). It was beautiful and I wonder if CBS will find an actor who could display the chemistry and level of intimacy that Adam and Chelsea had. I do not believe they will but, it’s my opinion, CBS executives and staff believe that they are the only ones that know anything. Botttom line, is that I tremendously enjoyed their pairing (sorry Sharon, but their chemistry was better and it was not dark like yours and Adam’s). Adam was always getting you out of some scrape while Chelsea became an independent person (dropped the con artist role) and became a real equal with Adam in the last few months that they were together. They were both con artists or getting in trouble for something, but more recently they both made genuine efforts to be better people. That is why the Delia story was so tragic for Adam. Totally unnecessary. However, I think Michael Muhney gained more fans because of empathy and appreciating how well he played the role of having overwhelming guilt, although he really did absolutely not have any idea that he had hit Delia on that dark night. Adam loved being a father and could understand Billy and Chloe’s level of grief. Adam did everything he could think of to atone for something that he did not even realize that he did. Would you not gain more respect for someone in this position? I was glad that the writers had the wherewithal to have Adam confront Billy in his responsibility for contributing to Delia’s death by leaving a child alone in a car on dark night. Absolutely right. Adam left Chelsea the tape with his confession and he was leaving the penthouse to turn himself into the police when Billy abruptly showed up at his door. Everything went downhill from there. Adam explained everything to Billy and apologized over and over. Adam knew that before the night was over that he was going to be shot and killed so he made his best effort to wrestle the gun from Billy causing his car to careen off the road and end upside down smoking.

    Yes, I am repeating the story of what we saw, but did you get the level of excellence that Michael Muhney performed? He shared with his fans that he would give it his all and he did and more. Congratulations, Michael Muhney, for phenomenal and realistic acting. Billy Miller was good but not as good. You will be missed and no one can take your place as Adam on Y&R and even remotely perform to your level. But that is CBS’ problem. I hope and pray that something better is waiting for you. I hope that you have had the time with your family that you and they needed during this whole sorted mess that CBS created.

    I have sent many, many emails and tweets to try to save Michael in his role and rehire Michael. I even went as far as begging them not to recast Adam. I was not alone, thousands of your fans did the same. I do not know how many fans you have but I know it is a lot and you gained even more during the last month. You know what? I never got one response from CBS but I know that the emails were read because I checked the acknowledge receipt block. They are bent on doing what they want; so be it. I can’t wait for what CBS leaks next to the soap rags. CBS continues to dig their hole deeper and deeper for both Michael Muhney and Hunter King to file lawsuits based upon multiple charges. I am not a lawyer but, based on my management experience, CBS has committed many infractions that I hope to see them sued or punished for in the near future. I recall some of the events surrounding CBS’ handling of the Dan Rather situation in 2005. Dan Rather filed suit in 2007 citing multiple charges against his employer. I believe he won a sizeable settlement but I have not had the time to research that entirely. Also, CBS’ contract negotiations with Hunter Tylo on The Bold and the Beautiful were rancorous and Hunter Tylo left or was fired. I have not researched that situation but I will. It is curious that Hunter Tylo is now returning to her original role on the B&B. I am a curious person and I always want to know who, how, when, where and why to the irritation of some. However, it is how I learn a lot and my Master’s level degree in Counseling has given me a deep understanding of people, how nice, mean or nasty they can be. We can be really nasty to each other and I wonder what we gain by that, certainly not more respect and likely we feel less better about ourselves.

    I know that Michael Muhney will move on to a much better and enjoyable job and experience. However, I hope there is no old lion like Eric Braeden or someone not taking acting seriously because that will be a problem for Michael Muhney. It would be great if Michael Muhney could cut himself some slack and realize “Better done, than perfect”. I like that saying as it has helped many of my clients who are being so hard on themselves and not taking any time to smell the roses.

    Goodbye Y&R fans. I wish you well. Don’t let CBS pull the wool over your eyes; remember “smoke and mirrors”, I forgot which President liked that way of handling things. I could be entirely incorrect, but I think it was President Bush. Now I think it applies to our current President (although he does his best to get something through Congress to benefit the people). My personal belief and reading about Barack Obama, I do believe that he is for the underdog, but he has one hell of a time getting anything done with the current Congress that we have now. Congress is at their lowest rating ever. Citizens have lost total faith in them, like I have lost faith and respect for CBS for treating a very talented individual so illegally, inappropriately, and meanly. I keep saying, “What goes around, comes around” and my own special slant “but sometimes not soon enough for me”. We Michael Muhney fans are anxiously awaiting to where he lands next and will follow him there.

    • Thank you for reading, supporting, and commenting on, my blog. Again, I cannot comment on anything above because I don’t know what’s going on. The only thing I can comment on is the very real need for JFP to go. Regardless of that, we agree completely that JFP must go. She has ruined Y&R in so many ways and must be stopped! For that to happen, Y&R viewers must band together to make it clear that the only way the show will keep viewers is by getting rid of her. JFP is the problem at Y&R and until she is gone, nothing will change.

  • I apologize for the typos in the beginning of my last post. I meant that both Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica McDaniel need to be FIRED immediately and misspelled Sony.

    I did not intend to copy the other individuals but maybe it is okay because they will know that my worry about their actions is very real. As I mentioned, I have repeatedly emailed Steve Kent at Sony and have not even received the courtesy of a reply.

    Their current management at Y&R makes the higher level executives at CBS and Sony highly vulnerable to lawsuits by both Michael Muhney and Hunter King and stiff fines by the Federal government. One of my comments to Steve Kent was that I could not believe that the released articles to soap rags in black and white. No one has to search for their illegal activities. And I also said to him that one never knows who reads the soap rags; likely that is how the Federal Government finds lawbreakers and gives them the opportunity to go after $. We already know that the Government is looking for dollars wherever they can find them. I cannot that CBS/Sony could be so stupid and I cannot understand how they can sleep at night after ruining the reputation of an phenomenal actor and a very intelligent and caring man. Also, I cannot believe the lengths that people in our society will go to ruin someone else or ruin a soap opera that has been dear to so many people for many years, including myself.

    I work to be careful of my wording using words like “reportedly” or “information released”. I do not intend to slander anyone; but that is what CBS/Sony has allowed. Since all of my emails and tweets have been ignored; I believe that CBS/Sony feels that they are above the law and susceptible to fines and lawsuits. How ignorant can they be? They have been in business for many years. I wonder how LauraLee Bell deals with this as Jill Farren Phelps is ruining the soap that her parents so dearly created and nurtured.

    Please let me know how I can assist you in saving Y&R? I have a lot of spare time as I mentioned as I had major back surgery a few months and am limited in activities for a year. I know I live in VA and not close to CA but I will do whatever will help the cause of saving Y&R.

    Thank you for hearing my comments. I hope and pray that I will hear from you since I do not hear from anyone else after writing emails and tweets for the last 2 months.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read, support and comment on my blog. As to how you can help save Y&R, use the contact info I’ve supplied to make it crystal clear that JFP must go for many reasons that go beyond any one actor. She has wrecked the show in a plethora of ways and continues to do so. She must be stopped! The entire cast deserves better and so do viewers. Thank you again. Have a great day.

  • Jfp must go! But that being said, surely you must be naive to believe that they would fire a great actor with out cause! Sony ,& CBS’s lawyers did not get their law degrees from the internet! He deserved what he got! The others left because they were unhappy with upper management!

    • Hello, thank you for taking the time to comment on the blog. I completely understand your frustration and anger, your disgust and dismay over what Phelps has done to Y&R, and I couldn’t agree more this hack who calls herself an executive producer must go before she does any further damage to this iconic soap. My focus remains, as it was from the beginning, saving Y&R as a whole. The show simply cannot afford to lose any more veteran cast members, nor can it afford for Phelps and Chuck Pratt to remain in place. I am not on any one actor’s or actress’ side, least of all the person to whom you’re referring. I am on the side of the viewers and Y&R’s veteran cast members as a whole; nothing more, nothing less. Please feel free to read the posts I’ve done on the state of Y&R and what we can do to fix it, oust JFP and Chuck Pratt. Thank you, once again, for taking the time to reply to and support my blog.

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