#YR’s Nightmare in Daytime

Published August 4, 2017 by tdaddetta16

Just when viewers thought it was safe, Y&R is in turmoil! In a move that has Y&R viewers fuming, as of July 28th Kay Alden was fired from daytime’s number one soap! As always, Highlight Hollywood had the scoop before anyone else got wind of it. 

According to the article, which can be found here; the plot only thickened, and grew more disgusting and murky when viewers learned that Sally Sussman wanted to hire her son, who is college age; to replace the top scribe who worked for Y&R’s late co-creator, Bill Bell, for three decades. Alden, who started out, like all other writers, as a script writer for Y&R, and rose through the ranks through hard work and diligence, combined with a passion for storytelling, and the genre itself. She was devoted to the show and bringing Bill Bell’s vision to life, and she did so,  seemingly effortlessly; and much to viewers’ delight, for three decades.

Mr. Bill Bell and Mrs. Lee Phillip Bell Co-Creators of Y&R

Mr. Bill Bell and Mrs. Lee Phillip Bell Co-Creators of Y&R

Such a betrayal  coming from Sony shocks nobody. It is Sally’s betrayal of her longtime coworker and colleague, however, that has viewers dumbfounded and furious; especially since Alden is easily one of daytime’s best, and most talented writers. Alden is easily among the top scribes in all of daytime; one of the very best, and most respected in the genre!

Kay Alden, Y&R's former head writer, executive producer&story consultant

Kay Alden, Y&R’s former head writer, executive producer&story consultant

Viewers got played like violins, not only by Sony, but by Sussman herself, who we now know, never had any intention whatsoever of restoring Bell’s legacy. Kay was simply brought on to appease us, but was ignored completely; by both Sally, and Sony. The phrase no good deed goes unpunished has never been more apt, nor more tragic and revolting.

Sussman didn’t count on karma catching up with her quite so soon, but it sure did; and in spades!

Per Highlight Hollywood’s July 31st article, Sussman, who snubbed and ignored Alden, despite Alden’s thirty year career in Bell soaps, and the wealth of experience that she’s earned because of it; found herself out in the cold just two days after having betrayed Alden. Daytime’s number one soap, will now be written and executive produced by current executive producer, Mal Young. Young, despite his many credits and successes with British soaps, is a novice when it comes writing to North American soaps. 

Contrary to what some would have viewers believe, neither Sussman, nor Alden retired, and anyone who believes it needs his or her head read! If you believe that, I’ve got all kinds of bridges to sell you; and at rock bottom prices!

#YR fans LISTEN UP! With Sally no longer a factor at Y&R; Sony&CBS MUST get the message that Angelica McDaniel, Mal Young, and Steve Kent MUST GO&they MUST #BringBackKayAlden! Angelica, Steve, Mal, and Sally are ALL responsible for the current state of Y&R!

Angelica McDaniel Head and Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime

Angelica McDaniel Head and Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime

Tweet Steve Kent, Sony’s head of daytime @SteveKentSony, @SonyPictures; @CBSDaytime, @YRInsider, @YandR_CBS, and @malyoung 

CBS' President & CEO Mr. Leslie Moonves

CBS’ Chairman & CEO Mr. Leslie Moonves

Email Leslie Moonves, CBS’ chairman & CEO leslie.moonves@cbs.com  lmoonves@cbs.com NEWEST EMAIL ADDRESSES NOTE: NO SPELLING MISTAKES MADE! Time to RAISE HELL! lmoonvies@cbs.com leslie.moonvies@cbs.com

Call Leslie Moonves’ office: 212-975-3247. Main CBS New York number: 212 975 4321


Steve Kent

Pictured on the left, is Steve Kent, Head of Sony’s daytime division, along with Ed Lammi of Sony Pictures TV

Email Steve Kent steve_kent@spe.sony.com

Call Sony Pictures Television, Inc. and ask for Tony Vinciquierra (Sony’s new Chairman&CEO); leave a message for  him.

1 310-244-4000

Steve Kent continues taking advantage of Tony Vinciquierra, who was only fairly recently promoted to the top spot of Chiarman and CEO at Sony; knowing nothing of what’s gone on in Sony’s daytime division, as Angelica McDaniel has done for years at CBS. Therefore ALL above people, except for Tony are a threat to Y&R & must go!

Snail Mail 

Leslie Moonves: 

Mr. Leslie Moonves Chairman&CEO-CBS Corporation

7800 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles CA, 90036

ATTN Mr. Leslie Moonves 

CBS Studio Center Radford Avenue 

Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 655-5000

ATTN Mr. Tony Vinciquierra Chairman&CEO-Sony Pictures Entertainment 

Sony Pictures Studios

10202 West Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90232

Emails&snail Mail are easily deleted/tossed en mass; BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to get this done is CALL RELENTLESSLY!


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