House of Bell: Happy Anniversary Melody Thomas Scott

Published February 27, 2016 by tdaddetta16



Ahh…the incomparable Nikki Reed Newman (Yeah, yeah, I know there are a few other names in there somewhere, but really, are they even important; does anyone really care at this point?) Melody Thomas Scott has seen and done it all as Genoa City’s beleaguered heroine, Nikki Newman. Watching her now, viewers would never guess that Melody took over the role from Erica Hope who’d been there only a year before the role was recast. Melody started on Y&R on February 27th, 1979. Originally from the wrong side of the tracks, she’s battled a father who tried to rape her (he met his demise when she hit him over the head in self-defence; hey, what else was she supposed to do), got duped into joining what she thought was a modelling agency but was in fact a front for prostitution run by Rose Deville (played by the late Darlene Conley). Just when she’d decided to turn her life around and had gone back to school, she was again shoved down by fate when her college English teacher, Mr. Willson, promised to give her a passing grade if she slept with him (she needed to pass his class to graduate). Predictably though, the slime-ball reneged, leaving Nikki heartbroken and, she felt, out of options. That all changed when Nikki met and fell in love with Victor Newman and the rest, as they say is history. To say Bill Bell and Lee Phillip Bell made the right decision when they cast Melody in the role, while true, doesn’t cut it. From battling booze, to battles in and out of the bedroom, ballroom dancing at the Colonnade Room (mostly with Victor ;)), and everything in between; Nikki’s done it all! Well…almost. Wonder if she has any boas left, baby Katherine may want them to play dress up with when she grows up. Thank you Melody.


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