House of Bell: Happy Anniversary Kristoff St. John

Published February 15, 2016 by tdaddetta16



Mr. Denzel of Daytime, Kristoff St. John, first aired as Neil Winters in 1991 and has been in the role ever since. Kristoff was no stranger to soaps, as Bill Bell hired him fresh off his time on the soap Generations.

Neil is no slouch in business and has the IQ to match. He graduated from Stanford University with an MBA. He’s held high profile positions at all of Genoa Cities top companies; Jabot Cosmetics, Newman Enterprises and Chancellor Industries.

He’s also owned his own business, a jazz club in town, which he later sold.

Always popular with the ladies, Neil’s love life has been…well, complicated, to say the least. He was romantically involved with both Both Barber sisters, Olivia and Drucilla, though he went on to marry Dru and they later had Lily.

Neil has a tumultuous yet loving relationship with his brother Malcolm, though the two rarely see each other.

Neil has been a father to Lily her whole life despite her biological father having turned out to be Malcolm (long story short; Dru took too much cold medicine one night and slept with Malcolm, thinking he was Neil.) and the best father adopted son Devon Hamilton Winters could have asked for. He adopted the young man in 2004/2005. And he’s been fiercely protective of Lily her whole life.

Neil has been unlucky in love; from his first divorce with his first wife Dru to his broken engagement with Victoria Newman and Dru’s death in 2007, which was a monumental blow to him, as many viewers believe she was his soul mate; and his disastrous marriage to Hillary. That’s why viewers hope we’ll see him return to the roles (no pun intended) we love him best in; consummate business man capable of running his own company (or helping his children start their own) and devoted father. And, for the love of soaps; can we please find this man a good woman already?!

Thank you, Kristoff.


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