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House of Bell-Happy Anniversary Tracey Bregman

Published January 29, 2016 by tdaddetta16



Tracey Bregman, Y&R’s resident fiery redhead originated the role in 1983 and has played Lauren Fenmore off and on ever since. We’ve seen her go from a mean spiteful teenager harassing Traci in the fight for Danny Romalotti, to having an affair with Brad and giving him a heart attack, and starting a relationship with Paul. Predictably, Paul’s mother, Mary Williams was completely against it from the start; when has any woman ever been good enough for her baby boy, in Mary’s eyes? As Lauren grew up she took over her father’s chain of upscale department stores, Fenmore’s. After some time in L.A., Lauren returned home and soon found herself caught between Michael Baldwin and his unstable brother Kevin Fisher, both of whom were in love with her. Kevin was about to kill himself at one point, but Michael stopped him and eventually married Lauren and they had their own son, Fenmore. Lauren and Michael recently had to come to grips with Michael’s diagnosis of prostate cancer. They’re battling the disease together, as much as Michael and his mood-swings will allow. Here’s hoping we get to see much more of you and Christian as this important and timely story unfolds; thank you, Tracey.