#YRfanfiction #Niktor #Now&Forever:Whirlwind of Emotions Pt. 8

Published April 16, 2012 by tdaddetta16

Chapter Seventeen
Soon he peeled into the driveway and walked straight up to the front door, slamming it soundly as he walked in.
“Victor? What’s going on? What’s got you so angry?” Nikki asked worriedly as she took in the sight of his brooding, menacing form.
His brow was tightly knit, his jaw clenched and his fists tightly balled at his sides.
“Victor, come on, come sit down. What’s wrong?” Nikki tried once again to find out what was going on.
“Sitting is the last thing I want to do, Nikki!” Victor answered as he angrily filled her in on what had just happened. “Damn! I thought she’d given up by now!” Nikki exclaimed, forgetting he was there.
“What do you mean you thought she’d given up by now?” Victor asked tightly, suspicious.
Swallowing hard, Nikki told him about the only other meeting she knew about between Gary and Victoria at Gina’s. “What is she thinking? She’s going to get herself killed, for heaven’s sake! How does she think she can handle these two?!
They’re crazy and both of them have an ax to grind where she’s concerned. But, of course she’s not thinking about any of that!
She thinks she can take care of all of this on her own!
For God’s sake what do we have to do to get through to her?!” Victor ranted incensed.
“Victor, wait a minute, just calm down, will you?” Nikki called after him, hoping she could stop him.
“Nikki, I am not going to stand here and let those two psychopaths do whatever it is they’re planning to do to her. It ain’t gonna happen, you got that!” Without a word to Nikki, he tore back out of the house and headed back to the office.
“Damn it!” Nikki swore softly as she sat back down on the couch and muttered, “Some things never change!” Silently, she added, ‘I just hope things don’t go from bad to worse, although I can’t see how they could at this rate!’

The next day, Victor went into work as usual and worked hard for most of the morning.

Then, around noon, he decided to pay Vicki a visit to try to talk some sense into her. “Victoria, we need to talk,” Victor told her in a no-nonsense tone he rarely used with her.
“Let me guess, this is about Gary and Jeff, right?” Vicki asked, knowing full well it was.
“Yeah. I don’t understand why we even need to have this discussion. They’re dangerous and they’re obviously up to no good. Why are you playing these kind of dangerous games, I don’t understand it. Why take the chances you’re taking?” Victor asked confused and praying he’d finally get through to her.
“Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore. I can take care of myself. You don’t need to worry.”
“I know you’re a grown woman, but you’re still my daughter and I’ll be damned if I’m just going to sit back and let either one of them hurt you! I can’t do that and I won’t, so deal with it!” Victor made it clear precisely where he stood!
“Dad, listen I understand that you’re upset and angry, I really do. I understand why you’re worried too. But, I can handle this, trust me, alright? Just trust me.” Vicki replied calmly, hoping she’d get him to do just that.
“Victoria, it’s not you I don’t trust, it’s Jeff and Gary! You shouldn’t either! They can’t be trusted!” Victor reiterated. “I know that.”
“Good, then stay away from them, let Paul and the police handle this.”
When Victoria didn’t say anything, Victor walked up to her and said, “My sweetheart, I’m only trying to protect you, that’s all I’m trying to do here.”
“I know, Dad.”
Satisfied Victoria had listened to him and would now leave both Gary and Jeff alone, Victor kissed her on the forehead, hugged her tight and went back to his office.
He worked for a few more hours before getting ready to go home.

Chapter Eighteen
Meanwhile, at Vicki’s office, she too was getting ready to head home.
Just as she was heading to Victor’s office, she passed by someone in the hall. “Bradley, what part of stay out didn’t you understand the last time you were here?”
“Nice to see you too Victoria,” he replied sarcastically. “Do both of us a favour and go back to wherever you came from. You’re not wanted here, and you’re sure as hell not needed!” she demanded hotly, unable to believe his audacity in showing his face where he knew full well he wasn’t wanted! “I’m not going anywhere until I speak with your father!” Bradley informed her tightly. “You aren’t getting anywhere near my father!”
“Stay out of this, Victoria, it doesn’t concern you!” Brad warned hostilely.
“Not a chance, Brad, not where you’re concerned! I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t be trusted! And I’m not going to stand here while you harass my father and try to tear my family apart.” Vicki stood her ground!
“Is that so?” Brad asked mockingly.
“Yeah, so you have two choices. One, you leave willingly, or two I call security and have you thrown out and barred from the premises. Your choice, make it quick,” she told him angrily.
“This isn’t over,” he told her as he left the building.
Not paying any attention, Vicki continued her walk to Victor’s office.
Soon, she was there and walked right in asking, “Ready to go home?”
“You bet,” Victor replied grabbing his briefcase and heading home with her.
Meanwhile, Nikki and Casey were having dinner at Yve’s. “I’m glad we’re doing this, I left Victor a note and told him we went out to dinner. We have a lot of catching up to do,” Nikki said with a smile.
“Yeah, me too. Hey, Nikki, can I ask you something?” Casey asked cautiously, knowing this might prove to be a very big mistake, but willing to take the chance anyway. ‘Nikki needs to know, if Victor hasn’t already told her. She has the right to know.’ “Yeah, sure. What is it?”Nikki asked oblivious to what was going on with her sister at the moment.
“Has Victor told you anything yet?” Casey began cautiously.
“Told me anything yet? What are you talking about?” Nikki echoed, thinking to herself disbelievingly, ‘No, Casey doesn’t know anything about Victor’s health. She would have told me by now if she did.’
Surprised, Casey went on, unaware that she would be opening a door to something that was far better off left closed. “He didn’t tell you anything about what they found when they did his physical?”
Nikki’s jaw dropped and her eyes turned ice cold as she exclaimed accusingly, “You knew?! You knew and you didn’t tell me?! How could you? How could you do this to me?!” Without waiting for an answer, Nikki got up from the table and stormed to her car.
“Nikki, listen to me, please. Victor told me about everything that’s been going on, how much stress you’ve been under. I didn’t want to add to it! Besides, Victor told me not to say anything, he made that crystal clear!”
“It doesn’t matter, Casey. You should’ve told me instead of keeping me in the dark. I expect that kind of thing from Victor, not my sister!” Nikki shot back as she got in, slammed the car door and started the engine. Without another word, Nikki peeled off.


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