#stopkony #humanrights Silent Screams Pierce the Night #noh8

Published March 8, 2012 by tdaddetta16

This is my response to what is going on in Africa under Joseph Kony’s reign.  This man must be stopped! I do not mean to minimize what is going on, nor do I mean to offend anyone as this is a serious human rights issue. I also think it fits with what’s going on in some parts of the world in terms of same sex relationships&attitudes towards the LGBT community in general. If you like the poem below, please feel free to reblog (giving credit to me as the author) and/or retweet. Thank you for reading.

Silent Screams Pierce The Night

Silent screams pierce the night 
As I long to take flight
Far away from here
Where the message is clear

I can live without fear
Of losing my life and all I hold dear
Instead, I fear my end is near
Is there anyone who will hear?

I cry out in fear
And try to hold back the tears
It seems no one cares enough
To help me rid myself of the source of my fears 

I dry my tears
And pray someone hears
As blood smears the streets
And Silent Screams Pierce The Night 


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