#YRfanfiction #Niktor #Newmans Now&Forever:Victors or Victims

Published February 24, 2012 by tdaddetta16

Now&Forever: Victors or Victims

Chapter One
“Victoria, we don’t know that for sure.” Nikki prayed she was right.
“We aren’t sure he’ll do anything. We may be completely overreacting here.” Victor echoed his wife’s sentiments, all the while praying they weren’t wrong.

Vicki tried to get through to her parents, without any luck.                                                                                                                                                          “My sweetheart, trust us. Nothing will happen to you.”
“Your father and I will make absolutely sure that Gary Dawson doesn’t get anywhere near you!” Nikki desperately hoped she’d get through to her daughter, before it was too late.                                                                                                                                                                                                            “Well, you and Dad don’t have a say in this.” Vicki remained adamant. “Whatever Dawson’s got planned , whatever he wants to do to me,
he will. He’ll find a way. The best thing, the only thing I can do now is make sure my family is safe. Her voice took on a cold, steely tone, as she vowed, “And, I will, no matter what it takes!”
“My darling, think about this for a minute, alright?”
“You don’t want to do anything crazy, anything that you might regret.” Her parents tried in vain to reason with her.

Unfortunately, their warnings and pleas fell on def ears, and Victoria remained determined to make sure Gary didn’t get the chance to hurt anybody she loved. “The only way that would happen is if I had the chance to do something to stop him, if I hd a chance to protect this family and I didn’t. if I jsut sat back and let him come after us, I would never forgive myself.
“What about protecting yourself?”
Victor asked wisely.
“Your father’s right, while you’re busy protecting us, who’s going to protect you? What if something happens to you? There’s no telling what that man’s capable of when it comes to you!” Nikki countered, trying to make her see reason.
“That’s just the risk I’ll have to take.” The chilling detachment I and determination in her voice sent chills down her parents’ spines.
“Do you hear yourself, do you really hear what you’re saying? Do you understand the full consequences of the situation. Because, if you do, I don’t understand why you’re doing this. Do you realize what this decision could mean, the risks that you could be taking?
He’s a dangerous man, for God’s sake! What are you thinking? Why are you taking this risk? What could you possibly have to gain? What are you trying to prove? Nikki asked, railing against her daughter’s ludicrous behaviour, and her stubbornness.

Chapter Two
“This is something I need to do! I have to make sure this scum doesn’t get the chance to hurt anybody I care about! I cant’ stand by and watch him destroy my family! Don’t you understand, I won’t stand by while he tries to make me and everybody I care about a victims again! I can’t and I won’t! Why can’t you understand and accept that?!” Vicki tried desperately to make her position clear, to make her parents understand that she was only trying to protect them.
“Who says you need to let him victimize you, or anybody?” Nikki asked calmly.
“Sweetheart, all we’re asking is that you think this through! Is whatever small victory you might gain worth risking your safety, your life?Victor chimed into the discussion once again.

Without hesitation, Vicki replied, “If it means my family is safe, and that I don’t have to worry about what I’ll do the day I come home, only to find that he’s taken you all away from me, that I’ve lost you forever, then, yes it is.

“Victoria, come on! You’re talking crazy!” Nikki exclaimed forcefully.
“You don’t know what he’s capable of!” Victor echoed his wife’s sentiments.                                                                                                                                    
Wide-eyed and hostile, Vicki shot back bitterly, angrily, “Oh no? I don’t know what he’s capable of? Come on! If anybody knows what he’s capable of, it’s me! I know first hand!
“Then, why are you doing this?” Nikki asked confused, worried.
“Why are you taking such a risk? Don’t you realize the colossal consequences? Don’t you realize how much this could cost you?” Victor boomed, trying to get through to her.
With a chilling, detached look in her eyes, and a steely edge to her voice, Vicki replied, “Whatever the consequences, I’ll deal with it! And, as far as the risk I’m taking with my life,
it’s my life! I won’t run scared, so, if that’s what you want me to do, if that’s what you’re suggesting, you can just forget it!”

“Sweetheart, nobody’s suggesting you do anything you do anything like that.” Victor tried once again to make her see reason.
“All we’re saying is you need to think about things, really think about them, before you do anything you might end up regretting.” Although Nikki’s voice, the determination in her eyes shone as brightly as the light from any star!
“Gee, thanks, Mom, thanks a lot! Is that it, you and Dad have so little faith in me that you’re desperate to stop me before a make matters worse?”
Vicki shot back defensively, needing to lash out. Accusingly, she continued. “Gary’s the one who tortured me and yet, everybody’s so quick to try and stop me from defending what’s mine! Well, excuse me! That’s everybody else’s game plan, not mine!With that, she stormed to the front door, seething!
“Victoria, where are you going? We’re not finished!” Victor called after her.
“Out!” Victoria barked, before slamming the front door behind her!

After she left, Nikki and Victor were left to wonder where she was going, and just exactly how far she’ll go to rid herself of a monster that fate has seen fit to give a second chance, while their daughter goes though her own waking nightmare. A nightmare that, benign as it may seem is nothing short of torture for her, as well as for themselves!


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