#YRfanfiction #Niktor #Newmans Now&Forever: Realizations

Published February 24, 2012 by tdaddetta16

Now&Forever: Realizations

Chapter One
“Alright, Bradley, what is it?” Victor asked tightly, as he tried his best to keep the situation from deteriorating, though he was in no mood to see him. Surprised and very bitter, Brad replied, “You’re ready to listen all of a sudden?”                                                                                                                                                    “You’re trying my patience, Bradley, kindly get to the point.” Beneath the stiff, barely polite and calm reply was a note of warning.
“Alright, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen Abby.” Brad’s reply was cryptic, but it was clear what he was after.

“Yes, it has,” Victor answered simply.
“How’s she doing?” Brad continued politely.                                                                                                                                                                                             “She’s doing quite well, thanks for asking.” Victor eyed him suspicious.                                                                                                                                                 “That’s good. I want to see her,” Brad demanded forcefully.                                                                                                                                                                       “Alright, call first and we’ll see what we can arrange.” Victor tried to be reasonable.”Why am I not surprised?” Brad asked fuming.
“What is it now?” Victor asked tiredly, disinterestedly.
You’ve been stonewalling me for the past two months! You want a fight, fine you’ve got one!” Brad warned hostilely.

“Bradley, I don’t understand what the problem is. I’m simply suggesting it would be best if You call before coming over, that’s all,” Victor replied, trying his best to keep calm, although it was becoming increasingly difficult.  “That’s the best way to do this, it’s best for everyone, especially Abby.”
“Cut the act, Newman, you don’t give a damn what’s best for anybody but you!Brad rasped, his voice low and filled with disdain.
“Bradley, I suggest you leave now, while you still can!Victor warned, barely keeping his temper in check, as his eyes took on a menacing gleam and his voice turned ice cold.
“What, you think I’m afraid of you?
Not a chance, Newman!Brad shot back angrily, hostilely.
“Get the hell out, before I throw you out!” Victor ordered, finally losing his patients.
This isn’t over, Newman, not by a long-shot! Brad warned cryptically before slamming the door on his way out.

Chapter Two
Victor had intended to finish up his work, but one look at his watch told him that wasn’t an option. “I’m really late for my doctor’s appointment. Hopefully she’s still at the office,” he said to himself before hurrying out the door.

Finally he arrived at the doctor’s office, glad to see she was still there.
“Hello, Dr. Cornwell, how are your husband and daughter?”Victor asked with a smile.
“Oh, they’re doing just fine. Frank just got a promotion and Sarah will be in college next year. What about you?” She asked, returning his smile.
“Well, to be honest, I’m glad to be having the physical, I’ve been having some problems. It’s nothing big, still I wanted to get everything checked out, you know? Better safe than sorry, it probably isn’t anything serious. I’m probably just pushing myself too hard, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m not as young as I used to be; just between us,Victor replied somewhat jokingly, with a wry, cheeky smile, as he chuckled a bit.

“Don’t worry, it’ll stay between us.” The doctor couldn’t help but chuckle a bit herself, she doubted many people ever got to see this side of Victor Newman. Sobering, she continued. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong, necessarily, but, we’ll check things out, just to be safe.
“What kind of problems have you been having?” Dr. Cornwell asked, listening intently.

Meanwhile at the ranch, Nikki waited impatiently for Victor to come home. “Where is he? He should’ve been home hours ago.” Nikki thought to herself out loud as she walked to the front window, hoping to see his car parked in the driveway. Disappointed and getting worried, Nikki walked back in the living room and tried to think of where he could be. “Mom, relax, I’m sure Dad’s fine.”
“Yeah, but where is he? He should be home by now.” Nikki replied, still wondering what Victor was doing that was keeping him out so late. “Did you see him today? Did he say anything to you about coming home late?”                                                                                                                                                            “He had work to finish, he said he’d be home after that. Although…” Vicki’s voice trailed off as she wondered if she should tell her mother about Brad’s visit. “What? What were you going to say? Victoria, what aren’t you telling me?” Nikki asked, knowing something was being kept from her.

“Well..uh…Brad payed Dad a visit today, and he didn’t look happy!” Vicki reluctantly replied.
“What?! Victoria, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!” Nikki asked extremely frustrated.
“Mom, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.
Dad probably just lost track of time. That’s all.” Vicki tried to reassure her mom.

Somehow, I’m not so sure, especially considering Brad’s visit to your father’s office” Nikki answered pensively, and silently adding, “and how he acted at Ashley’s funeral.”

Back at the doctor’s office, Dr. Cornwell was back with the test results. “I’m afraid I have bad news,” She began gravely, as she walked to her desk and sat behind it.


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