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Published February 24, 2012 by tdaddetta16

Now&Forever: Illusions

Chapter One
‘No, it couldn’t be…’ Vicki thought to herself, terrified at the thought of Jeff having reappeared in her life to do God only knows what. Swallowing hard and trying to keep calm, Vicki asked,
“Hello, may I help you?”

“Hello, Victoria. Don’t tell me you don’t remember me.” Jeff’s voice was so low and menacing, it sent chills down her spine.
Her instincts confirmed her worst fears. Striving for a calm she was far from feeling and trying to send Jeff a message he wouldn’t be able to ignore, she replied hostilely, “What do you want, Jeff? I’m busy!”
“I’m sure you know.” He replied cryptically.

“No, I don’t, so do us both a favour and cut the games!” Victoria snapped back hotly!
“Simple, convince your father to get me my job back.” The steely edge in his voice made the fine hairs on the back of Vicki’s neck stand on end and her heart pound.
“And why would I do that?” Vicki asked confrontationally. ‘ What does he think he’s going to accomplish? He thinks I’m going to fall for a little sweet-talk, is that it? I’m not that stupid. If the guy got fired it’s his problem, not mine!
“Because, you’re a smart woman.” Jeff tried his best to remain calm and flattering, in an effort to get what he was after.
“Good-bye, Jeff,” Vicki replied, rolling her eyes, as she prepared to hang up.
“Victoria, it really is in your best interests to listen to me.” The note of warning in his cryptic reply alarmed Vicki much more than she was willing to admit. Still, she was determined not to let him see he was getting to her, nor was she about to let him know she was beginning to be terrified of him. “Let me make this clear, no way in hell!”
“That wasn’t smart, Ms. Newman”
“Whatever! Have a good life!”  Vicki shot back hostilely. ‘Enough with the stupid little games!’
“No, that wasn’t smart at all….You’ll regret it soon enough.” With that, he hung up.

The more Jeff said, the more worried and terrified Vicki got.
“Hello? Hello?” Victoria said frantically, her voice cracking as her pulse raced. The only sound she heard was that of the dial-tone. Much, much more terrorized than she was willing to admit, Victoria tore out of the office. 

Chapter Two
Finally, she arrived at the ranch, hoping to relax,
after the horrible night she’d had.
Unfortunately, Nikki and Victor were waiting for her, with no shortage of questions to be answered. “Where have you been?”
“Why didn’t you call us?”
“Who were you with?”
When Victoria didn’t answer, only shuffling in and slumping down on the couch beside them, Nikki’s instincts kicked into high gear! “Victoria, what happened, what did Gary do to you?”
“Or, is it something that Jeff did?” Victor asked, joining in the interrogation.
Instantly alert, Vicki asked, “What, what made you bring him up?”
“It’s obvious something’s very, very wrong,” Nikki replied, trying to get answers and knowing the only way to do that was by keeping her calm.
“I got a phone call from Jeff, let’s just say he wasn’t happy.”
“What do you mean you got a call from Jeff?” Nikki asked, not believing what she was hearing.
“What did that disgusting little worm want now?!” Victor boomed!
“He tried to get me to convince you to get him his job back. When his intimidation tactics didn’t work, well…let’s just say things went from bad to worse.”
“What are you talking about?” Nikki asked confused and frightened.
“What intimidation tactics?”
“He tried to convince me it was in my best interests to convince you to get him his job back, when he didn’t get his way, he threatened me,” Vicki answered sheepishly.
“What do you mean he threatened you? What the hell did he say? He’ll pay for this!” Victor bellowed, incensed.

“He said that not helping him wasn’t smart at all and that I’d pay for it soon enough,” Vicki replied in a small, scared voice.
“That’s it! I’m going to take care of this right now! No one does this to my daughter and gets away with it!” Victor exclaimed as he started walking towards the door.
“Victor wait!” Nikki called after him.
“Dad, don’t go after him, please, don’t go after him.”
The fear in his daughter’s voice broke Victor’s heart and made him turn to face her and Nikki. When he did, he saw nothing but sheer terror in her eyes. “I don’t know what he’s capable of, he’s dangerous. You can’t go after him! You can’t!” Victoria exclaimed hysterically, as she began to shake from head to toe.
“Okay, okay, I won’t go after him, I promise. I promise I won’t go after him, alright?” Victor asked trying his best to soothe her as he walked back inside and took in the sight of Victoria in tears, cradled in her mother’s arms. Tears rose in his eyes and slowly, sadly began to fall.    

Chapter Three
After awhile, Vicki calmed down enough to go to bed. Exhausted, Nikki and Victor decided to turn in for the night too. 

The next day, Victoria got up early and headed to the office. She tried to get her work done. “I can’t focus on what happened last night, I can’t let it get to me. Jeff’s just bitter because he got fired,” She tried to tell herself and ignore the doubt that lingered insistently.
Quickly grabbing some files off her desk, Victoria headed to a meeting with her father.

“Hello, my sweetheart, how are you doing? You had a pretty rough night last night? Are you okay?” Victor asked concerned, as he kissed her on the cheek and held her tight for just a second before she sat down.
“I’m fine. Let’s get down to business, shall we?” She asked trying her best to smile and forget her horrible night.
“I read your report and the projections for this quarter are fantastic! You’ve out done yourself!”
“Thanks, I do my best,” Victoria replied modestly.

They discussed the other information that she had for him to read and discussed it.
“Okay, so far, I like what I’m hearing. Keep me posted.”
“I will Dad, see you at home.” Victoria kissed him on the cheek before she left.

Victor was left alone to look over a few contracts and get some work done that he needed to do before the next day. A half hour later, Bradley walked in. “Your secretary wasn’t at her desk,” he began tightly, his voice, the way he carried himself and the chilling glare he sent Victor all signs that he was out for revenge!
“What is it, Bradley?” Victor asked, not even glancing at him.

“I came here to settle a few things.”
“Oh, and what would those be?” Victor asked disinterestedly. Thinking better of it and realizing he really had no interest in whatever Bradley wanted to say, he said, again not even deigning to look at him, “Never mind, I really don’t care what you have to say to me. I’m very busy, Bradley, so you can show yourself out.
“I’m not going anywhere, Newman. You’re going to listen to what I have to say. I’m not leaving until you do. The bitter, chilling edge to Brad’s voice carried with it a note of warning.
Victor finally looked up from the file he’d been reading more than unimpressed, barely keeping his temper in check. “Bradley, you’d better leave now, before I call security and have you thrown out!”
“You obviously didn’t hear me, Newman, I’m not going anywhere until I say what I came here to say, so deal with it!” Brad replied, as fire blazed in his eyes, as he glared at Victor and thought to himself bitterly, angrily, ‘You’ve cost me everything, Newman, but now, it’s my turn to return the favour.’


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